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Where are you keeping all their art work?

My kids are 31 and 28 – and their art work, school papers, reports and countless projects are STILL stored in the attic. Maybe we’ll pull the boxes and bins out when they have kids of their own. But, right now, they are off traveling the world (Cuba, Nepal, Cayman Islands, and England in onlymore >>

Boys: Academics & Schooling

Is Homework Worth the Hassle?

Is Homework Worth the Hassle?

With the school year nearly half over (or just beginning with our southern hemisphere friends) and you may be fed up with tears and frustration about homework at your house. Do your kids find a million other things to do when it is time to do homework? Do you nag and nag some more and stillmore >>

Parents: Tips & Strategies

Do you give him too much information?

This is part 5 of a 5-part series on LIVING WITH BOYS… Many parents tell me they had “NO IDEA!” how exciting, puzzling, and exhausting parenting a boy would be! Here are some proven ways to COPE and CONNECT with him. First, it is essential to understand what is hard-wired and therefore, unchangeable (this ismore >>

Educators: Tips & Strategies

What to Do About ‘Wired’ Boys

What to Do About ‘Wired’ Boys

I was recently introduced to the book, Wired to Move: Facts and Strategies for Nurturing Boys in an Early Childhood Setting by Ruth Hanford Morhard. She does amazing work as Ruth Reid & Company, consulting with Starting Point in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you are parenting or teaching young children or older children, I think you’llmore >>

Boys: Social & Emotional Life

What Does the Super Bowl Have to Do with an old Girl Scout Song?

Watching the end of the Super Bowl, as grown men elatedly shared their full range of emotions by hugging, crying, bumping into and holding each other, I was saddened that this seems to be one of the few acceptable places for grown men to touch in a platonic way. Unfortunately, sports is one of themore >>

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