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Raising a boy is exciting, puzzling, and...exhausting!

By now you know he didn't come with an instruction manual!
Do you ever feel like you're just making it up?
Are you tired of the mixed results?

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Boys Alive! in Portland here.

Boys Alive! in Houston here.

Do you wish your son's teacher knew more about how your boy learns and what he needs to be successful at school? As a Gurian Institute Certified Trainer, I design and deliver professional development for schools and school districts. Let's create school environments that support BOYS! Contact me via email.

While the live event has aired, you can still hear experts discussing the crucial need for your son and daughter to have a Rites of Passage experience. Meet the experts HERE..


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Janet's Workshop

Start with Janet's book: Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best! Add in some personalized coaching and listen to some interviews with experts, and you're on your way to making positive, long-lasting changes!

Find all of these time-saving, life-changing resources and more at the Boys Alive! Store.

Janet's skilled Family Coaching will help you get on the same page with your parenting partner and address your specific parenting questions.

Spend some time in the Articles section and you're sure to find new thoughts to consider.

With so many parenting books out there, how do you decide? Be sure to check out the Resources page. Janet gives you her recommendations for books and websites that have proved valuable in her years of working with parents.

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