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Imagine a first-grade class made up of 10 boys and 2 girls. Brand new first-year teacher. And the boys who have a “reputation” for being, ahem, lively.

That’s how the hardest year of my teaching life began.

From that very first day, I knew that the boys were different. I didn’t have a clue about how or why but I experienced it in every lesson and every interaction. All of their behaviors were new and surprising to me, and so different from the two daughters I was in the midst of raising!

The boys were active, impulsive, and irrepressible. They had a hard time listening. It was nearly impossible to get them to sit still. They just made NO sense to me.

I struggled, I made adjustments, and I constantly wondered,  Was it me? Was it the parents? Was it the boys?

So I got to work, pouring myself into the study of gender and brain differences, communication preferences, and the social and emotional development of boys (and men).

It was a steep learning curve – let me tell you! – but you know what I found?

It was unequivocally NOT the boys.

The problem was larger than me, and larger than their parents and other teachers, combined. These boys were bumping up against a school culture which required and rewarded behavior that was simply not aligned with how they preferred to learn.

They needed to move. They needed to be outside. They needed more active assignments and different ways of participating in class and interacting with their fellow students.

Along the way I also learned that I hadn’t been alone in my confusion. The more I spoke with parents and teachers, I learned they, too, felt they “had no clue” about their sons’ and students’ challenges. But they wanted to!

Which is how I find myself here, helping you to change the conversation and create real spaces where it’s A-OK to be a boy!

Look, I know there’s no shortage of articles, books, coaches, and gurus who want to tell you about your son. It’s beyond overwhelming. Think of Boys Alive! as your reliable filter for all of that noise.

Each of us is a unique being. We bring our own ancestry, temperament, and experiences into our family and classrooms. But there are scientifically based truths that cross all boundaries and form our common human bond. And it’s time we learned from them!

Once we are aware of the “hardwired” differences that make us uniquely male and uniquely female, our worlds begin to change. We build deeper connections, more understanding relationships at home, and more effective classrooms.

There’s nothing wrong with your boy!

Join me – let’s change the conversation.

Starting here. Starting today.

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Whether one-on-one, before a live audience, or virtually, I bring my depth of experience and knowledge to you with a warm, personal, and engaging style.

My girls and me – all grown up!  And a little throwback – on the eve of flying to live in Germany for 6 years. That’s me – the littlest one.

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