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Meet Janet and Boys Alive!

JanetheadFrom my first day teaching a class of 10 boys and 2 girls, I knew that boys were different – and that I didn’t have a clue about them.

They were social, active, impulsive, and irrepressible – I had my hands full.

I was in the midst of raising two daughters – these boys made no sense to me.

So I got curious.

I began to study gender and brain differences, communication skills, and the social and emotional development of boys (and men). “The Wonder of Boys” by Michael Gurian was a big influence and I am proud to work with The Gurian Institute as a Certified Gurian Trainer.

Along the way I also learned that there were many parents and teachers who felt they “had no clue” and they were curious, too.

With a deep desire to serve and to teach, I founded Boys Alive! to be that voice. With years of study and experience, I strive to translate the volumes of information out there so it is easily understood and readily implemented by parents and teachers.

We are each unique beings – bringing our own ancestry, temperament, and experiences into our family – yet there are scientific-based truths that cross all boundaries and form our common human bond.

Feeling connected and understood is our deepest human longing. When we know the “hard-wired” differences that make us uniquely male and uniquely female, then we’ve got more information upon which to build the bridge to deeper connections and understanding – allowing all of us to live in our fullest potential.

Whether one-on-one, before a live audience, or virtually, I bring my depth of experience and knowledge to you with a warm, personal, and engaging style.

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