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Teens and Stress

Is your house filled with TEEN STRESS?

The kind of STRESS that spills over into everything and everyone — leaving chaos, frustration, and dirty clothes in it’s wake?

Spring can be a stressful time of year for many teens — finishing up end-of-year projects, waiting for college admittance letters, and what about a DATE FOR THE PROM?

Stress comes in all shapes and sizes – some of it is actually good for us.

It gets us up and motivated to DO STUFF.

Some kids handle stress easily but others can be overcome with anxiety…

Indeed, Howard Hiton, a family therapist, recently commented that he’s seen an uptick in the number of teens and young men in their early 20’s coming in for help with issues around anxiety.

Signs of stress in teens:
anxiety, panic attacks, procrastination, neglecting responsibilities, overwhelm, negative thoughts, and changes in sleep.

Being a teen is stressful!

Being the PARENT of a teen is stressful, too!

You can alleviate some of your stress by understanding what is going on for your teen developmentally. I particularly like “Brainstorm, the power and purpose of the teenage brain” by Dr. Dan Siegel. Understanding leads to interest and curiosity, rather than just anxiety and stress.
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Be Here Now
There is a lot in the popular press now about MINDFULNESS and the increased health benefits we can all experience when we learn to be in the present and thereby reducing our stress levels.

Teens have access to yoga, meditation, and on-line resources such as – which has been called a “gym membership for the mind.”

Keeping stress in check is imperative for your teen – and you – and it can begin with parents monitoring what may be causing stress and trying to minimize it WITH THEM as much as possible.

Eating right, sleeping well, and getting exercise are also great stress relievers for all of us!

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One Response to Teens and Stress

  1. Don Stapp says:

    Thank you for receiving information that will help me working with are youth today. I volunteer time to our local activity league that helps kids stay out of gangs and the kids look for structure that they don’t get at home. I recently received my medical assistant degree and would love to apply my education to a medical facility that works with our youth. It troubles me that they do not have people that will listen to them and there issues. This I really believe is very important for them to be heard and not told to shut up for the adults do not or want to make the time to listen to them. You would be surprised to find out that you can learn a lot from kids that you thought you knew but did not. These kids are the leaders of tomorrow to help us in making the proper decisions. I am so blessed to see the good results after the labor. Thank you for assisting the project.

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