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home-For Parents3xBoys Alive! supports you. Are you struggling with guilt, frustration, or boundary-setting? Maybe you don’t even like your child right now!  FAMILY COACHING is the place to start.

Boys Alive! supports parents.  Host a talk at your school, or parent group. Find a list of talk topics here, then contact Janet to schedule your event.

Boys Alive! supports Parent Coaches and Counselors. It’s likely no surprise that many of your clients have issues with their sons. Add the Boys Alive! Certification to your coaching and therapy credentials and you’ve added all-things-boys savvy to attract even more clients to your practice.


Home For Edu350Boys Alive! helps strengthen your parent community. A Boys Alive! talk is a popular vehicle for outreach to publicize your school program. Host a talk and let the conversation begin!

Boys Alive! supports your teaching staff. Boys can challenge and frustrate teachers. We’ll teach you new strategies to keep them actively engaged. The gender -achievement gap narrows and behavior management is reduced. In-class observations means real-time changes can be implemented.

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