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A dynamic speaker, Janet engages audiences both large and small.


With over two decades of speaking experience, Janet engages your faculty, staff, and parents with the right combination of warmth, humor and seriousness.  She speaks on a wide range of topics, masterfully shaping each talk to inform and inspire your audience.

Include Boys Alive! in your next conference, break-out session, or professional development schedule.  These high-interest talks can easily be used as an outreach opportunity or as a fundraiser.

Talk Topics:

  • Bring Out Their Best – General brain science & child development information.  Practical strategies including communication skills to implement immediately.
  • School Success Begins at Home  – How to shape home life so that he is supported at school.  What to look for at school to ensure his success.
  • Boy-Friendly Schools – Keep him engaged with active learning and create a classroom   environment that meets his need to be active, too.  Girls benefit, too.
  • Mothering and Fathering, Two Very Different Tasks – Recognizing how differently moms and dads parent their boy – and why he needs both.
  • Mothers and Sons  – Many moms struggle with letting go of their boys – when and how should she let go?  What about the sadness she feels?
  • Rites of Passage – The elements of a Rites of Passage, the historical basis, and why we need to re-enliven this aspect of human development.
  • Taming the Media Monster – Boys are especially drawn to media and video games.  Why are they so captivated by media?  What are the health implications and what boundaries do we set?
  • Adolescence – What’s ahead?  How does mom prepare?  How does dad prepare? How can we support him to be his best during this confusing, complex time?
  • His Emotions, The ‘Boy Code’ & How to Help The “boy code” rules strongly, especially in adolescence. Understand his way of relating through sarcasm, dissing, and risk taking and learn strategies to guide him to expressing his emotions in a way that fosters deeper connections to his friends and family.
  • Building Better Relationships – Using Gender Intelligence – Find out how to use the strengths of each gender to create a stronger working team.

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