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RAISING BOYS: “I had no idea!”


3 Action-Strategies to be Your Best-BOY-Parent-Ever!

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Every parent with a son AND a daughter can tell you how extremely different they are!

Moms have told me they’ve been surprised when they learned they were having a boy — after all, what did they know about raising boys?!

Maybe you’ve felt like these moms…

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“My newborn daughter is so much quieter than my son ever was!”

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“I used to judge parents of boys – why couldn’t they just get their boys to behave? Now that I have a boy — I just want to run out and apologize to all those moms.  Boys are really different!”

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“I think you’ve just saved my marriage. I really GET my husband now!”


Many of these Boy-Moms were raised by a single mom or grew up with only sisters – which makes for VERY limited ‘boy-knowledge’!


As a teacher, I was shocked to see how very differently boys learned than girls – and very peeved that NO ONE HAD TOLD ME!

As the Founder of Boys Alive! I’ve worked with thousands of moms and dads – helping them get over the shock and move into practical reality!


Boys Alive! helps you understand how boys play, relate, communicate, and learn. (Which is NOT the same as most girls).

Add to that practical, parent-tested action strategies and you’re set to be the greatest BOY-Parent-EVER!

What is hard-wired really matters!

What if you knew the essential differences between males and females that would change ALL of your relationships – with your son, with your partner, and with yourself?

Knowing these essential differences, means you can: 
• Adjust your expectations, in a boy-friendly way
• Approach rules, chores, homework, and screen-time in a boy-friendly way
• Understand how to relate and communicate with him, in a boy-friendly way

Intuitively, parents and teachers have known that raising boys and girls was just different. Now, brain scan technology confirms it.

So far, neuroscientists have discovered over 100 differences between male and female brains – in structure, in blood flow, and in chemicals and hormones.

I’ve narrowed down the essential differences you need to know – the ones that give you the biggest ripple effect when you apply the practical strategies that go along with them.

Take a look at these brains scans:
Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 10.28.07 AM
MALE BRAIN (on the left): Processing happens within each hemisphere, with less processing overall. Motor control (ie physical movement) is where processing crosses into both hemispheres.

FEMALE BRAIN (on the right): More processing between left and right, with more processing overall. More connections to the verbal, emotion, and memory centers of the brain.

As The Guardian newspaper comments: “It’s quite striking how complementary the brains of women and men really are.”

COMPLEMENTARY – not SIMILAR – is the key to understanding each other.

Fascinating, isn’t it?! But all the brain science in the world won’t help you parent your son until you know how to use the information.


Here’s how to apply it!

KEY #1. He has fewer places in his brain to process your words. He may be quickly and easily overwhelmed by too many words. How can you tell? Melt-downs, ignoring you, resisting, glazed eyes.

Action: Use fewer words. Ask one question, make one request.

KEY #2. He processes information mostly in a single hemisphere, rather than cross-connecting. He may take a little longer to reach a solution or answer and it may take him a little longer to be able to tell you about it.

Action: Give him time to respond – up to an entire minute.

KEY #3. He processes information PHYSICALLY FIRST. Movement comes before words. He may be impulsive and reactive. If a friend bumps into him, he may just let an elbow fly back. When we tell him to ‘use his words’ he doesn’t always get how to do that.

Action: Let him have time to move his body before resolving, negotiating, and conversating!

99.9% of the time…

let him MOVE FIRST.

This will resolve almost every raising-this-boy-is-making-me-crazy situation. After moving his body, he’ll be ready to have the follow-up conversations, emotional dialogues, and negotiations that many females want to have first, second, and last!

Raising boys IS different!  Like one mom said, “I had NO idea!”

With Boys Alive! at your side, you’ve got some theory and, more importantly, the Action-Strategies to go with it!

You may be feeling like its already too late – it’s not – I assure you!
Get this Boys Alive! Free Report and you’ll be on your way to understanding him and connecting with him in a whole new way.

You may also discover what one mom did, “Sounds like this would work for my husband, too!”

Yes, yes, it will!

My promise to you is that your view of your boy is about to change – for the better!



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