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Family Coaching with Founder Janet Allison

As one mom said, “Sometimes you just need to hear yourself say things out loud – and Janet knows just the questions to ask.”  Family Coaching – because there is just no better investment in your relationship with your son.

The Learning Lab

Boys and Anger – Recorded 90+ minute workshop with pdf.

Micro-Courses – your parenting frustrations – SOLVED.

Click each title for full course description. Each micro-course contains video, checklists & exercises, additional resources, and Janet’s wise guidance. Each micro-course takes about 30 minutes to complete (additional time to complete some exercises.) Download to your personal library.

Podcast Interviews with Parenting Experts

Click each title for full description. Parenting experts share their wisdom and resources. Each podcast includes a summary and additional resources. Download every interview to your personal library. Book typically ships within 24 hours.

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