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6. Get to Know Your TEEN (3-Podcasts)


Teen Pack includes: The Birds & The Bees; Coping with Disappointment, Loss & Grief, Rites of Passage.


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Product Description

“The Birds and The Bees” Boy Talk Interview gives you the framework for having the “sex talk” and helping your boy develop healthy attitudes towards himself and others. “Talk soon, talk often” is the mantra here (and I actually should list this under Toddler and Boy Packs, too, because conversation needs to start early!)

“Coping with Disappointment, Loss, and Grief” Boy Talk Interview enlightens you on how to help him navigate through disappointments small and large. By now he has likely experienced death or a friend has – here’s how you can guide him to help his friends, too.

“Rites of Passage” Talk will get you thinking about his transition from boy to young man and how you can support and honor this developmental milestone rather than allowing him to create his own (often unhealthy and dangerous) rites of passages.


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