1. Micro-Focus Family Coaching


Get micro-focused and get solutions! Details to schedule your session will follow.


You’re doing everything you can.

Nobody wants more or better for your son than you!

He is one of the most important relationships in your lives.

But you’re scared you’re missing something.

Is he struggling at school? Lacking confidence?
Are you losing that closeness with him?
Scared you’re losing your temper too often?

Feeling exasperated and at your wits’ end?
Afraid you’re failing at the most important job of your life?
Or just looking for help understanding him better?

Will you allow me to help?

It is my life’s calling to shift how we communicate with and understand our boys. For 20+ years, I’ve specialized in guiding parents through the unique ways boys’ mental, emotional, and social needs develop.

It would be my honor help you create real spaces where it’s A-OKAY to be a boy!

How Does Coaching Work?

In your 90-minute session, we’ll join your expertise as a parent to mine – with the specific tools and strategies you need to restore peace in your home and confidence in your parenting.

Join me alone or with your partner. But don’t put it off! There’s simply no better investment in your relationship with your son.

The results of having a knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate coach as your parenting ally are life-changing. You can and WILL have more peace and harmony in your family.

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