3. How to Manage His Screen Time! (4-Podcasts + Resource Tool Kits)

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Tame the Screen Dragon, Reset His Brain, Understand ADD/ADHD, BONUS: Tweens & Teens PLUS Tool Kits


Videogames, Snapchat, Minecraft, and more…

Do you feel like screens have taken over your boy and your family?

Boys, especially, find video games very compelling and it can easily become an addiction. How do you allow AND manage screen time?

Hear the story of one mom who at first was glad her boys like their ipads so much – it was educational after all – and it kept them busy at restaurants, in the car, and even at home. When her son’s teacher began to point out his difficulties in focusing, sitting still, and completing tasks, Mom got busy.  With help from Dr. Victoria Dunckley and her book (included in this bundle), she was able to re-set her boy’s brains and in the process felt like she got her family back!

Dr. Dunckley has diagnosed a new syndrome: Electronic Screen Syndrome. She was seeing kids who had frequent meltdowns, difficulty managing their social behavior, had sleep difficulties, and exhibited symptoms in line with ADD/ADHD. When families instituted a “screen fast” they quickly saw their boys restored to their “before selves” – active, engaged, and curious about the world.

Boys are more likely to be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. And teachers of boys are more likely to ask that they be evaluated. What you need to look for and if he does have a positive diagnosis what you need to know. Hear about ADD/ADHD, first-hand, from one of the first adult’s diagnosed with ADD in the early 80’s.

BONUS Boy Talk Podcast helps you understand your Tween and Teen. We know they are in a unique developmental stage – but do you know the best way to approach him to keep communication open and real? Do you know what his biggest challenges are at each of these developmental stages? Tweens and teens explained!

Each BOY TALK Podcast includes a TOOL KIT – The interview is summarized and includes resources and recommendations that you won’t want to miss!

1 review for 3. How to Manage His Screen Time! (4-Podcasts + Resource Tool Kits)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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