1. Make It A Very Boy-Friendly Year! (4-Podcasts + Resource Tool Kits)

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Reading, Boy-Friendly Schools, Australia's Boy Champion, and Book Recommendations he'll love!


School isn’t always a good fit for boys – he’d much rather be moving his body and learning through hands-on projects and activities.  Yet, there are many expectations of him to “sit still, listen and learn” – now more than ever.

With 93% of elementary school teachers being women – boys can feel a disconnect with school.

How do you help him cope? Do you wonder if his school (or teacher) is a good fit for him?

Is he complaining and/or reluctant to go to school?

Even if he willingly goes to school, how is his academic progress? Is he a reluctant reader? Are you wondering how to get him interested and engaged in reading and writing?

Australia’s boy-champion Maggie Dent gives us an overview of boy-issues in her country, which are remarkably similar to our issues. She gives great tips for parenting including how to connect with him in the way he will love!

BONUS PODCAST by Editor Valarie Budayr – She loves books and boys! She’s got the latest recommendations that boys will love plus some time-tested favorites!

Each BOY TALK Podcast includes a TOOL KIT – The interview is summarized and includes resources and recommendations that you won’t want to miss!

1 review for 1. Make It A Very Boy-Friendly Year! (4-Podcasts + Resource Tool Kits)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    “These bundles are fantastic – experienced, thoughtful, relevant, progressive.” FE-Portland, OR

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