2. He Is Growing Up – SO Quickly! (4-Podcasts + Resource Tool Kits)

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Coping with Disappointment, Loss & Grief, The Bird and the Bees, Boys & Porn, and Understanding Tweens and Teens


It’s really true – they grow up so fast!

You might feel like you’ve got some catching up to do…especially if you haven’t been having the challenging, complex conversations that revolve around helping him have a healthy emotional and sexual relationships.

And then, as if those conversations aren’t difficult enough…now you must educate your boys about pornography…and sooner than you can possibly imagine!  PLUS you need to know how to protect him from being accidentally exposed to porn by having parental controls and monitoring software on every device.  You also need to arm him with refusal skills when he is offered porn to look at.  It’s complex but you’ve got to safeguard your son, which means you have those difficult conversations.

Surely by now he has met disappointment face-on. He didn’t make the team, he failed the test, and the first girl he asked on a date said no. How easily can he bounce back? What about the bigger losses in life? At some point he will suffer a big loss and deep grief. How will you help him access his emotions, put his emotions in words, and be his most resilient self?

BONUS Boy Talk Podcast is about understanding you Tween and Teen. We know they are in a unique developmental stage – but do you know the best way to approach him to keep communication open and real? Do you know what his biggest challenges are at each of these developmental stages? Tweens and teens are explained!

Each BOY TALK Podcast includes a TOOL KIT – The interview is summarized and includes resources and recommendations that you won’t want to miss!

1 review for 2. He Is Growing Up – SO Quickly! (4-Podcasts + Resource Tool Kits)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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