Boys Alive!
Bring Out Their Best BOOK


This practical, easy-to-follow guide invites parents and teachers to become active participants in understanding and communicating with their boys. With wisdom from diverse fields of study – Waldorf education, Neuro-Linguistics (NLP), brain research, and gender intelligence, Janet weaves together a useful roadmap for your boy’s future.


When you were pregnant, or anticipating the adoption of the boy you see now did your hopes for him (and you) include that he would drive you crazy?

How long has it been since you touched into the day-dreams and life-dreams you had for him then?

The actions of your boy and your “re-action” to him now are building the very bedrock of who he will be as a man? Give that some thought.

Deep. I know, and I want you to “go there.” You won’t be alone, I promise. The Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best book is your personal guide, taking you there step-by-step.

With my questions and your answers you will map out the journey that you must be aware of if you are to parent this boy, your boy, the way you want him to go.

Without the destination in mind, your journey can be way more difficult and convoluted than it needs to be.

Are you ready? I am and I know your boy is, too.

With Janet’s guidance…

You’ll look at the past.

You’ll look at the future.

You’ll look at those current situations that may be driving you crazy.

You’ll use a simple exercise, completely scripted for you, to undergo a transformative process that many parents have found reveals new viewpoints and let’s them see what is working and what isn’t.

You’ll be able to change the situation so that you are ready with new words and new reactions the next time the situation repeats (and it will).

With over 100 differences between the male and female brain, it’s vital to know and understand what’s going on for him plus how to react and respond to him.

Everything you need is laid out in an interactive format so you can journal your thoughts, experiences, and feedback.

You will learn strategies:

  • To get him to listen
  • To get his attention
  • To gain his cooperation
  • To connect with him deeply

Additionally, you will discover:

  • Parenting techniques for immediate use
  • Classroom and teaching strategies
  • Effective communication tools
  • Observation and journal exercises to help you along the way

Order your copy today and take the first step to better understanding your boy and molding the man he will become.


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Bring Out Their Best BOOK”

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