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5. Get to Know Your BOY (2-Podcasts + 2-Pep Talks!)


Boy Pack includes: Tame the Screen Dragon; Boy-Friendly Schools; Understanding Testosterone; and Making Eye Contact – or Not.


Over 2 hours of audio downloads sent directly to your in-box after purchase.

Product Description

“Tame the Screen Dragon” Boy Talk Interview gives you the courage (and the practical tools) to tame Minecraft (or any other screen obsession) and reclaim your kids and family time.

“Boy Friendly Schools” Boy Talk Interview tells you what to look for when you’re deciding on schools for your boy – and gives you practical strategies and ideas for what to do to help support your boy if you find he is in a less than boy-friendly situation.

Add in 10-minutes of Parenting Wisdom:

        Testosterone – What You Need to Know and Why

        Making Eye Contact or Not

You’ve got tons of strategies and new wisdom to support your boy in his elementary school years.


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