3. 90-Day Family Coaching Program


90-day Family Coaching Program gets you back on track!


Parenting can test us to our limits. We may feel like we’re never going to ‘get it right’ – or that we just ‘weren’t cut out for this.’  You may be thinking the next best step is to ‘put him on the curb with a free sign.’ …And then he looks at you with those eyes and you’re ready to dust off and try again.

Our boys can challenge us with all sorts of behaviors …and noise …and disagreements …and downright defiance. We view them through our very feminine lens and wonder why they do what they do – why can’t he just tell me how he feels? why can’t he just sit still? why can’t he just eat his vegetables while staying at the dinner table?!

If you’re ready for a steady, confidence-building re-set to your parenting, this 90-day Coaching Program is meant to ‘be the wind beneath your wings.’ Corny, I know. And yet what I do know, having worked with hundreds of parents, is that you actually have your own internal wisdom – you just need help to bring it to out and be reminded of how to apply it.

Here’s how we work together over 90-days:

+ We meet every other week via ZOOM – that means we get to see each other AND it’s recorded so you can listen again and share with your parenting partner.

+After each call, you’ll receive a detailed summary from me including an implementation plan.

+You have 24/7 email access PLUS 3 thirty-minute SOS calls – for when things really go off the rails or if something unusual comes up.

+BONUS Session can be used to meet with your son’s teacher, grandparents, or caregiver.

+You’ll continue to have email access with me for 30 days following the program


***Payment plan available.


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