3. 3-month Coaching Program


3- month Coaching Program gets you back on track!


Parenting can test us to our limits. We may feel like we’re never going to ‘get it right’ – or that we just ‘weren’t cut out for this.’  You may be thinking the next best step is to ‘put him on the curb with a free sign.’ …And then he looks at you with those eyes and you’re ready to dust off and try again.

Our boys can challenge us with all sorts of behaviors …and noise …and disagreements …and downright defiance. We view them through our very feminine lens and wonder why they do what they do – why can’t he just tell me how he feels? why can’t he just sit still? why can’t he just eat his vegetables while staying at the dinner table?!

Are you ready to address:

The ROOT of your deep feelings – the ones that keep you in a state of anger, frustration, and exhaustion.
Your REACTIONS to your boy’s behaviors – the ones that you always think you’ll handle differently but never seem to…
The way you communicate with your son may seem like a ‘secret code’ and you don’t have the decoder ring! Learn how he talks about the things that matter to him and be the mom who is the ‘boy-whisperer.’

3 -month coaching program
Six group content calls (live lectures) with additional Q & A
Two 1:1 private conversations with me (45 minutes each) – used as needed.
Private email access
Access to community (Facebook group)
BONUS: Full access to over a dozen BOY TALK parenting expert interviews


Apply HERE with this short form and we’ll talk to make sure this program is a good fit for you.

***Payment plan available.


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