1. 90-day In-depth Coaching Program



Boys Alive! Coaching Intensive -A 90-day in-depth program for Moms of Boys

Get the tools, strategies, and support you need to be your best boy mom – the one that he needs you to be! (Dads are certainly encouraged to join our sessions, too!)

Begin by looking within – it’s tough to look at yourself but you can’t make headway until you do.

Understanding your boy – what motivates him, what makes him shut down?

Advocating for him – how to work with his teacher, care provider, grandparents, etc, in a positive, informative, and supportive way.

BENEFITS of this program include:

>Taking CONSISTENT ACTION – the only way change is going to stick. You’ll have a plan and the steps you need to follow.

>You get excited to try something new, it doesn’t go as planned, you quickly revert to old patterns (the ones that you know didn’t work…but maybe they will this time…) You must have the SUPPORT to FOLLOW-THROUGH and solidify new patterns that work!

>You read blogs, ask friends, yet their info and answers don’t quite seem to fit YOUR child and your particular set of circumstances. You deserve SPECIFIC ANSWERS that match your SPECIFIC QUESTIONS.

ADDED BONUS: You’ll stop yelling at your kids so much!
ANOTHER ADDED BONUS: You’ll relax and enjoy being his mom!

Imagine waking up each day knowing that YOU are creating ACTIVE CHANGE for your boy:

Trouble at school? You’ll know how to advocate.
Trouble with friends? You’ll know how he relates.
Trouble with you? AH! you’ll have the tools and strategies you need to connect with him in a BOY-FRIENDLY way.


Road Map Session. Together, we determine current issues and formulate goals for the next 90-days. (in person or via Zoom)

Individualized one-on-one coaching sessions: 6 sessions via Zoom (video calls) These address what’s current and keeps you focused on realizing your goals.

Strategic Exercises to foster and support inner work, helping you be the best parent you can be.

Voxer access: This app allows us to talk to each other rather than email. You have 24/7 access during the program, I check Voxer at minimum twice each week day.

Access to curriculum and resources: All new programs and archives are available to you. Complementary pass for any new programs or content calls offered during the 90 days. Includes Learning Labs, Micro-Courses, Boy Talk interviews, and other resources, including my book, “Boys Alive! Bring Out Their Best.”

This program is geared towards parents ready to make lasting changes in themselves and in the way they parent, so that their families thrive!

This is full payment. If you need the 3-month option click here.


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