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“Can I Kiss You?”

A simple question. There are so many reasons that we don’t ask it. The news is FILLED with accusations of sexual assault – from inappropriate touch, to underage ‘dating’ by older men, to well…. you know if you’ve listened to the news…Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Roy Moore….and that’s just in the past week.more >>

Boys: Academics & Schooling

“I hate school…”

He says he hates school – in so many subtle – and not so subtle – ways. When you ask about his day, he says, “Fine.”   And that’s it. When you get him up for school, he has a headache…or a stomach ache…or he just drags his feet and takes forever to get ready.more >>

Parents: Tips & Strategies

Picky Eaters

Picky Eaters

Talking with Steve and Rebecca at KXL101 about picky eaters. Did you have one meal today and your child had another? Did you fix two (or more) meals for your family? Are you catering to your child’s eating whims (and hating yourself for it)? Taste sensitivities or “picky eaters” are most prevalent in the youngmore >>

Educators: Tips & Strategies

Spelling Strategy

…because you can never have enough tools in your toolbox – and hopefully this one will ease some of the homework fights and tears… #1 Spelling Strategy Have you noticed how some people seem to be ‘natural’ spellers?  Maybe you are one. When creative spellers ask them how they do it, they may say it just looks right withoutmore >>

Boys: Social & Emotional Life

Restoring the Heart

Near or far, we have ALL lived through Hurricane #Harvey. Just as we will all live through #Irma. It takes a physical and emotional toll on ALL of us. It stirs anxiety, fear, wonder, anticipation, and may even re-open past traumas. Neighbors help neighbors, community groups, and national organizations – all pitch-in to restore services,more >>

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