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“Can I Kiss You?”

A simple question. There are so many reasons that we don’t ask it. The news is FILLED with accusations of sexual assault – from inappropriate touch, to underage ‘dating’ by older men, to well…. you know if you’ve listened to the news…Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Roy Moore….and that’s just in the past week.more >>

Boys: Academics & Schooling

Boy-Friendly Schools

Boy-Friendly Schools

Is He Going ‘Back-to-School’ in a Boy-Friendly School? – Are you wondering how he is going to do THIS year? Is he in a boy-friendly school? Does he have a boy-friendly teacher? A boy-friendly environment looks different. As academics continue to get “pushed down” into younger and younger grades, boys often suffer. When the earlymore >>

Parents: Tips & Strategies

Let Him Fail

His failure is okay AND so necessary for his development. “There is no failure – only feedback.” As the new school approaches – it is time to assess and recognize: He is a year older – are you ready to be a year older too? Are you ready to recognize and welcome his new abilities?more >>

Educators: Tips & Strategies

Boy-Friendly Classroom Strategies

Boy-Friendly Classroom Strategies

4 Creative Classroom Strategies That Curtail Behavior “Issues” As the school year begins, teachers and parents align with the common goal of helping ALL kids be successful. Soon into the year, however, teachers may be frustrated, parents may be overwhelmed. Having been on “both sides of the block,” here’s my message of hope to you, dearmore >>

Boys: Social & Emotional Life

Restoring the Heart

Near or far, we have ALL lived through Hurricane #Harvey. Just as we will all live through #Irma. It takes a physical and emotional toll on ALL of us. It stirs anxiety, fear, wonder, anticipation, and may even re-open past traumas. Neighbors help neighbors, community groups, and national organizations – all pitch-in to restore services,more >>

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