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“Can I Kiss You?”

A simple question. There are so many reasons that we don’t ask it. The news is FILLED with accusations of sexual assault – from inappropriate touch, to underage ‘dating’ by older men, to well…. you know if you’ve listened to the news…Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Louis CK, Roy Moore….and that’s just in the past week.more >>

Boys: Academics & Schooling

Your Words Can Change Their World

Your Words Can Change Their World

No! Stop! Don’t! We run THOSE words into the ground as parents, don’t we? Bet you never imagined you’d be THAT parent! So much for our rosy-glow-everything-is-sweet-and-wonderful-parenting-fantasies!   We beat ourselves up at night just remembering how many times we said the words that we never thought we would utter! And then there are the actionsmore >>

Parents: Tips & Strategies

Equal Parenting is Best for the Kids

Equal Parenting is Best for the Kids

Talking about Parenting with Rebecca and Steve on KXL101 Morning News: Shared Parenting is best according to blogger mom-of-4-boys Jennifer Fink in this recent post, “Is Shared Parenting Best for Boys after Divorce? Divorcing often means entering a lot of “uncharted waters.” Jennifer recalls that she didn’t know state-mandated shared-parenting would ultimately be the bestmore >>

Educators: Tips & Strategies

Gunplay at School-What’s a Teacher to Do?

Gunplay at Home is one thing. If you’ve recognized your boy’s need to play with weapons/tools in an active, adventurous way, you’ve likely already begun to ‘manage’ that behavior with firm rules. If you’re still trying to figure it out – read Guidelines for Gunplay here. He’s Hard-Wired For It In Wired to Move, themore >>

Boys: Social & Emotional Life

Restoring the Heart

Near or far, we have ALL lived through Hurricane #Harvey. Just as we will all live through #Irma. It takes a physical and emotional toll on ALL of us. It stirs anxiety, fear, wonder, anticipation, and may even re-open past traumas. Neighbors help neighbors, community groups, and national organizations – all pitch-in to restore services,more >>

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