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NEXT TOPIC:  Boys and Screens

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Why can’t he just turn off the phone, video game, Netflix, or social media

when you tell him to?


The thing is – he may WANT to turn it off but his brain is captivated (and held

prisoner) and it is really hard to counteract that brain chemistry that is telling

him, “This is so much fun! Get to the next level for more fun! This feels so

good — do more!”


You tell him to stop.

He negotiates how NOT to stop.

His brain is screaming at him to KEEP GOING!


Sure, you hear often about how screens are taking over our children’s lives,

family time, and…if we’re really honest…it’s a little (or a lot) challenging for

us to put the phone down, too.


What’s going on?

How do we learn to LIVE with screens in a healthy way?

Do limits really work?  How do we all stick to them?


You may have heard that Bill Gates, the innovator of all-things-technology

did not let his kids have smart phones until the age of 14. He still insists

on no screens at the dinner table and all screens off an hour before bedtime.

If he can do it, you can too!


And yes, we’ll be talking about boys and porn. Your child has likely viewed porn by about age EIGHT – likely by mistake. Parents underestimate how much they think their kids have seen porn by “as much as 10 times.”  How to cope – as parents.  How to help him with strategies.



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