HELP! My Son Hates Limits on Screen Time!

Boys Alive! Micro-Course

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wise guidance from Boys Alive! Founder Janet Allison - for immediate download to your personal library.

You keep telling him to turn it off, to put it down. 

And he just can’t seem to - negotiating, fighting, even sneaking it. 

Your son’s tablet, phone, and/or video games seem to get more time with him than you do. More time than anyone or anything else, even. 

How much is too much? Is it too late to scale back? 

And how do you even begin to do that? 

The truth is that technology is a big part of ALL of our lives now. It is our primary source of entertainment and information. 

But our kids are growing up in - and already struggling to navigate - a foundationally digital culture. 

The science and psychology behind the appeal of our electronics will help you AND your son better understand why and how uses it. 

Then, his screen time can be framed and managed in healthy ways for you both! 

Here's what parents are saying:

"After learning from you - I'm going to turn off my phone and forget it at home more often. I see how phones are interfering with growing children's lives & relationships, especially middle-schoolers." HM, Houston

"Thank you for providing feasible solutions! It was definitely refreshing to have some tools to help us work through this stage. Overall things are going smoother and even my boy talks about how nice it is when everyone has happy days." JS, Seattle

Janet Allison, Founder of Boys Alive! knows there is nothing wrong with your boy. Though we tell him often, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that there is. We are the ones that must change. Through this Micro-course, you'll see your boy in a whole new, boy-friendly way PLUS you'll have the action strategies you need to make life a little more peaceful at your house.