HELP! My Son Hates His Sibling(s)!

Boys Alive! Micro-Course 

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You and I know how important our siblings are. How one day, they become the only ones who will retain the memories of our childhood. How they are connected to us forever.

But right now, that’s the furthest thing from your son’s mind.

You and I look back to our childhood sibling relationships with happiness - and perhaps more regrets than we’d like.

But that, too, is perspective your child doesn’t have right now. 

Because, right now, there’s serious friction. 

And it’s breaking your heart and driving you up the wall simultaneously!

Want some guidance managing a conflict as old as time itself? 

Today, we know that our children are learning, and modifying, the communication skills they will have for life from birth. 

Skills that get thoroughly tested at home and especially with siblings.

No, you won’t stop every battle. But you CAN halt the war!

Here's what parents are saying:

"All your time spent educating us on the ways of boys is really paying off for addition to parenting, I'm teaching 11 boys and having an absolute blast with all that boy energy!" ER, Portland, OR

"Janet breaks up learning into manageable chunks, cheers you along, and has amazing insight and makes what seems so big and scary into something that is totally do-able." KR, Encinitas, CA

Janet Allison, Founder of Boys Alive! knows there is nothing wrong with your boy. Though we tell him often, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that there is. We are the ones that must change. Through this Micro-course, you'll see your boy in a whole new, boy-friendly way PLUS you'll have the action strategies you need to make life a little more peaceful at your house.