HELP! My Son Hates Chores!

Boys Alive! Micro-Course

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You ask once. You ask twice. You ask with more volume! -- 


You try stickers, you try reward charts. You up his allowance.

Still no results… so you just end up doing it yourself...again.

You wonder what’s going to happen when he goes off to college and lives on his own.

You wonder where you've failed?

You wonder why you’re doing ALL THE WORK - and not having much of the fun.

And now you're seeing he has that dreaded “sense of entitlement.” He "deserves" everything - without willingness to pitch in and earn it. What’s up with that?!

HOW are you ever going to turn this around??

You wish you’d started earlier, you wish you could just let his laundry pile up… but that feels impossible.

What’s not impossible is that you can DITCH the chore charts, DISPENSE with the nagging and feeling personally peeved -- there is a way to ENLIST his cooperation and desire to help with the tasks of taking care of himself, his things, and his home (which happens to be YOUR home, too!)

This micro-course shows you how to turn entitlement into engagement so ALL OF YOU can have more time for the fun things. 

What parents are saying:

"I had so many ah-ha moments with you-organizing toys, getting rid of papers. We picked out some easy recipes and the kids made dinner tonight, we helped. We all had fun and the kids LOVED the meal. Amazing what a difference these little things made. I feel less anxious because our house looks good - and parenting was actually fun this weekend!" JA, Spring, TX

Janet Allison, Founder of Boys Alive! knows there is nothing wrong with your boy. Though we tell him often, in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, that there is. We are the ones that must change. Through this Micro-course, you'll see your boy in a whole new, boy-friendly way PLUS you'll have the action strategies you need to make life a little more peaceful at your house.