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Do you give him too much information?

Do you feel like he doesn’t listen?

Tunes you out?

Ignores you?

Flipside: Many boys and men often complain when they’re given too many details.
Just give him the facts so he can get the job done.

He may have tuned you out after the first detail because he just doesn’t need – and can’t process – all the information that you want to give him.

When you use fewer words, you enable him to “hear” what you are saying.

If you’re like many females, this may feel odd to you at first – but ask any adult male and he will likely say, “Yes, please, I don’t need all the details – just tell me what you need me to know.”

Say exactly what you need, even though it may sound harsh to you:  “backpack” “boots” “lunchbox”

Say one thing.

Let him respond.

Then ask the next thing.

Too many words overwhelm his brain, so give him a break – say less!

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