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Boys Alive! Certification Program

Boys Alive! Certification is for individuals who have current Parent Coaching credentials. We also offer comprehensive training and certification for teachers and administrators.

Ask yourself:

  • How many children are having behavioral or learning difficulties in your program?
  • Do children get sent home because of behavior challenges?
  • Do parents ask teachers for help with parenting issues?
  • Do teachers ask for extra support with any of their students?

How many of those questions concern boys?

If your program aligns with the nationwide average, it is likely that about 80% of your discipline referrals and behavioral “diagnoses” are boys.  Especially at younger ages, boys are typically about one year behind girls in maturity and verbal capacities.  No wonder adults struggle to make school a nurturing learning environment for him.

When your teachers Boys Alive! Certified, they have the training they need to understand the learning and behavioral differences between girls and boys.  They know how to create a learning and social environment that supports both genders uniquely.

Parents benefit, too.

Boys Alive! Certification means your parents learn what makes their boys tick – becoming life-long advocates for their sons. Plus, parents of girls expand their understanding of active boys and their bridge-brain daughters, too!

Your Boys Alive! Certification means parents know that your school actively supports boy-friendly learning and that you recognize their need for lots of movement – before, during, and after school.


TestimonialJoletteJanet Allison is my most trusted expert on boys.  She is who I go to for advice about my son.  She is who I refer my private clients to, and she is the one I send my friends to.” – Jolette Jai, Founder of The Jai Institute for Parenting





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